Historical information

Reckitt & Sons' opened a branch in Sydney in1886. Brasso was developed by Reckitt & Sons in 1905. In 1938 Reckitt and Sons merged with J. and J. Colman to become Reckitt and Colman Ltd.


Brasso was used by most Housewives for cleaning and polishing Kitchen Equipment in the City of Moorabbin during 20thC

Physical description

Metal container with blue sun burst effect, with a red circle with 'BRASSO' printed, in white and blue, inside. The instructions are printed on the back.

Inscriptions & markings

Back: Picture of the Royal Coat of Arms - By appointment to Her Majesty Queen ElizabethII. Suppliers of Metal Polish Reckitt & Colman Ltd. BRASSO Metal Polish for polishing Brass, Copper, Zinc, Steel, Pewter etc. SHAKE WELL Apply with a soft cloth. Polish off with a dry, soft cloth preferably before the polish has completely dried. DO NOT PLACE THIS TIN CLOSE TO THE FIRE Made in Australia by Reckitt & Colman (Australia) Ltd. No. 6 - Contents 6½ Fl oz when packed.