Historical information

The J. R. Watkins Co. opened its first overseas branch in Australia in 1935. The J. R. Watkins built a large factory at Highett on a six acres on the east side of Nepean Highway (no. 1123) in 1954.
The J. R. Watkins company was founded in 1868 in Plainview, Minnesota USA, moving to Winona in 1885, by J. R. Watkins.


Example of industry in the City of Moorabbin.

Physical description

Amber glass bottle with a metal screw on lid. A paper label is on the front of the bottle 'Watkins Polish" printed in yellow, black and white.

Inscriptions & markings

11 Fluid ounces - WATKINS POLISH - Gives a hard dry lustre excellent for Dusting
For cleaning, dusting and polishing furniture, pianos, woodwork, linoleum, hardwood floors and all polished surfaces.
Directions: If the article to be polished is dirty or gummy, clean it by washing with mild soap and warm water. Apply Watkins Polish with a damp, soft cloth (Dampened with water and wrung almost dry). The Polish may be poured on the damp cloth or on the surface to be polished. In either case rub it all with a dry cloth to obtain a high polish. When dusting, dampen the cloth with Watkins Polish - it keeps down the dust and gives a lustre which is neither greasy not gummy.
The J. R. Watkins Co. Melbourne - Sydney - Adelaide - Kogarah
"The J.R.Watkins co. Made in Australia"