Historical information

Rawleigh's Ready Relief was advertised for checking and relieving head colds and catarrh.
W. T. Rawleighs Co Ltd was a Canadian firm who expanded their food manufacturing business to Australia in 1928. In 1934 they purchased land in Dawson Road, Brunswick and built a five storey brick and reinforced factory. The building was still standing in 2022.

Physical description

Clear glass bottle with white plastic screw on lid. Paper wrap around label printed in green, black and pink

Inscriptions & markings

FRONT: Rawleigh's Ready Relief as an aromatic inhalation Net 30 ml W. T. Rawleigh Co Ltd. 60 Dawson St. Brunswick Victoria, 3056.
LEFT SIDE: Active Constituents % w/w Alcohol 57.571, Camphor Crystals 4.789, Menthol Crystals 10.200, Menthol Liquid 5.100, Oil of Lavender 50% 18.124 Oil of Pinus Pumilous 0.786, Oil of Eucalyptus 0.180, Musc Ambrette Solution 0.20, Dist. Water 3.00. Reg. Vic 18810 E2012
RIGHT SIDE: Directions: Place drop or tow on folded handkerchief. Inhale gently, then gradually deepen inhalation. At night put a few drops at end of pillow. Not recommended for children under three years. Keep tightly closed. Store in cool place.