Historical information

Pearlite Phenyle was manufactured by Renown Pearlite Company Pty Ltd, which was formerly known as Pearlite Manufacturing Company. The factory was in 171-177 Stawell Street, Richmond and they manufactured kitchen products essence, Sunflakes - breakfast cereal.

Physical description

4 sided, diamond-shaped amber glass Phenyle bottle with cork stopper and paper label printed in blue, red, and yellow.

Inscriptions & markings

Disinfectant – Poison – Pearlite Phenyle
Poisonous not to be taken
Contents 20 Fluid ozs
Renown & Pearlite Pty Ltd
2 teaspoonfuls to 1 pint of water
1 pint to 6 Gallons of water
Does not contain more than 3 per cent or less than 2 pre cent or Carbolic or its homologue. Guaranteed to destroy Typhoid Fever Bacillus, 1 part fluid 30 parts water, in 10 minutes.
NOTE – Placing the disinfectant in copper vessels or in contact with Alkaline Substances renders it imperative.
ANTIDOTE: Epsom or Glauber salts in water. Lime water and olive oil or castor oil (Perlite for Preference)

EMBOSED ON BOTTLE: Phenyle with XX’s – poisonous – this bottle is the property of – 2140

Sold by
Crofts Stores Pty Ltd
Branch Store:
Hawthorn Road