Physical description

Tin printed in gold and blue text and with a white lid.

Inscriptions & markings

FRONT: Phosphate Aerator - McKenzie's Excelsior - Baking Powder - 4 ozs. Net - Clifford, Love McKenzie Pty. Ltd.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE - McKenzie's "EXCELSIOR" Baking Powder is produced under careful laboratory control to ensure reliable results. It may, for this reason, be used with complete confidence in all climates. Use this Making Powder as required by your Recipe. The great advantage, however, of using Baking Powder and Plain Flour instead of Self-Raising Flour, is that you can vary the amount of rising if you wish to do so.

To make your own Self-Raising Flour, thoroughly mix together 1-ozs (two level dessertspoons) of "EXCELSIOR" Baking Powder and 1-lb. (flour and a half cups) of Plain Flour, and sift several times through your fFour Sifter. USE A DRY SPOON - KEEP THE TIN CLOSED - Clifford Love McKenzie Pty. Ltd. Australia