Historical information

This is the roll book of the Warrnambool State School Cadet Corps. It covers the dates 1894 to 1896. The information in the note book contains the names of the male Cadets and their commanding officers, attendance details, some of the Corps rules and the total numbers in the Corps at the time ( 46 on the roll in 1894 and 39 on the roll in 1895.) The Cadet Corps in Warrnambool was operated by the local Volunteer Corps which was established in 1855 and had several name changes over the next fifty years. Warrnambool State School Cadet Corps was established in the mid 1880s and the local private Grammar School had a Cadet Corps at the same time. School Cadet Corps focussed on drill exercises, rifle target shooting and bayonet practice.


This note book is of considerable interest as a record of the 19th Century Cadet Corps and the list of names provides researchers with important material.

Physical description

This is a small note book with a front hard cover, which is stained and the back cover missing. It is held together with opaque adhesive tape. The pages contain handwritten material in ink and pencil. There is one torn page .

Inscriptions & markings

Roll Book of Warrnambool State School Cadet Corps