Historical information

These two photographs were taken circa 1970s at the Army Survey Regiment, Fortuna, Bendigo. Photo .1P was taken in 1971 when the then Justice John Kerr (later Sir John Kerr AK, GCMG, GCVO, QC) visited the Regiment. At that time, he was the Chairman of the Committee of Enquiry into Service Pay and Conditions. Personnel from Lithographic Squadron had submitted a grievance regarding salaries to the Committee, who during this visit reviewed their technical skills and conducted interviews. This ultimately led to the personnel achieving salary parity with other technical trades in RASvy. Photo .2P was taken after a formal medal presentation at the Army Survey Regiment in c1976. The Defence Force Service Medal was presented to personnel in recognition of 15 years of efficient remunerated service, or the Clasp for 5 years of additional service.

Physical description

This is a set of photographs of Lithographic Squadron Personnel, Justice John Kerr and other RASvy personnel at the Army Survey Regiment, Bendigo c1970s. The photographs were printed on photographic paper and are part of the Army Survey Regiment’s Collection. The photographs were scanned at 300 dpi.
.1) - Photo, black & white, 1971, L to R: Jim Mulqueen, Sir John Kerr AK, GCMG, GCVO, QC, LTCOL Bill Howarth
.2) - Photo, black & white, c1976, L to R: WO1 Joe Farrington, John Rankine, CPL Ian ‘Lofty’ Turner, SGT Peter Saunders, LTCOL George Ricketts, SGT Ross Hyde, WO1 Ian ‘Ike’ Lever, WO1 Aub Harvey, SGT Jim Mulqueen

Inscriptions & markings

.1P to .2P – personnel annotated