Historical information

A memorial to Mina Dunstan who lived in Peterborough for eight years and was a reporter for The Age newspaper. She was a valued member of the club and was the handicapper for some years. The cup was given by Lady members in her memory.
1982 D Taylor 49, 1983 Ettie Wright 54, 1984 S McPhillip, 1985 A Clark, 1986 June Howe 49, 1986 D Calvert 1987 J Rogers, 1988 D Smith, 1989 J Howe, 1990 M Cashmore, 1991 I King, 1992 D Smith, 1993 T Fraser, 1994 S Brown, 1995 E willox, 1996 A Maloney, 1997 E Willox, 1998 L Bourke, 1999 F Rundle, 2000 J Horton, 2001 M O'Connor, 2002 T Smith, 2003 A Corsie, 2004 W Couch, 2005 E Willox, 2006 M Hesketh, 2007 M Hesketh, 2008 M Hammond, 2009 M Hesketh, 2010 B Drake, 2011 B Drake, 2012 K Matheson, 2013 P Meade, 2014 Lorna Bourke, 2015 Tanya Cartledge, 2016 Tanya Cartledge, 2017 Katheryn Robertson, 2018 Andrea Thompson, 2019 Deb Ferrari.


Significant because it records the winners of the trophy over time.

Physical description

A small silver cup atop a solid square plinth with shield shaped plaques around the base for engraving.

Inscriptions & markings

Inscribed around the base of the cup and around the base of the plinth,