Historical information

This letter book contains letters written by representatives of the Warrnambool Lance Patent Pan Company to agents in Western Australia during the period 1896 to 1913. This company was formed to market the Lance Patent Cess Pan produced by George Lance in Warrnambool. The Western Australian venture did not prove profitable for the company. George Lance was a Warrnambool plumber and gasfitter who produced the Eureka Pump and the Lance Patent Cess Pan. The latter sold widely in Victoria with the Warrnambool Council owning 1700 of these pans in 1896. George Lance was also prominent in Warrnambool as a musician, artist (eleven of his works are in the Warrnambool Art Gallery)and local history writer. He was also involved in the development of the Warrnambool Mechanics Institute and the establishment of the Warrnambool School of Art and Design and the Warrnambool Art Gallery.


This letter book is of considerable interest as it gives details on one aspect of the George Lance invention of the Patent Cess Pan (its marketing) and George Lance played an important role in Warrnambool's late 19th century history.

Physical description

This is a letter book of 506 pages. It has a hardboard cover with a mottled red pattern and red binding on the spine. The pages contain an alphabetical index and copies of letters handwritten in black ink. There are many blank pages. The letter book cover is torn at the edges.