Historical information

This is a financial record of goods bought from the Warrnambool property of Woodend owned by the Davidson family. Entry dates are from 1895 to 1924. The property Woodend was founded by James Davidson in 1853/1854. James Davidson came to Australia in 1847 and arrived in Warrnambool with his family and his brother in 1850. He had a store in Warrnambool in partnership with J.C. A Kruger and was also an auctioneer. He died as a result of an accident at sea in 1862 and his family continued on at the Woodend farm.


This item is of interest as a record of the day to day purchases of a Warrnambool farmer in the late 19th and 20th centuries.

Physical description

This is a hard covered book with a mottled pattern on the cover. The binding is black. The pages contain printed red lines and hand written entries in black ink.