Historical information

This image shows High Street, Wodonga in the late 1950s to early 1960s. The view is taken looking southwards towards the Water Tower at the end of the street. Businesses visible in the image include Currans Shoe Store, Greens Shoe Repair, a barber store, Pat's Ladies Hairdresser and Beauty Parlour, Albury Drycleaners, Jim Costello's, Bye's Butchery, Cafe, Astor Electrical goods and Victorian Producers. It is an enlargement of a Rose Series postcard.

This photograph is representative of many images representing High Street, Wodonga as it developed over time.

The Rose Series of postcards is a series of postcards of scenes from around Australia and some international ones as well. They were produced by the Rose Stereograph Company, which was the business of Victorian photographer George Rose (1861-1942). In 1880, George, aged 19, founded his business in Victoria, and soon became famous for producing stereographs, or stereo views. His early images included the landing at Anzac Cove, Ned and Dan Kelly’s Armour (taken at trial in 1880), The Duke & Duchess of York and their daughter Princess Elizabeth and Phar Lap winning the Melbourne Cup.

When stereographs lost popularity during the 1920s, Rose switched to the production of postcards and decorative cards. He and his team of photographers took thousands of photos of scenery around Victoria and beyond, and the postcards became iconic images of Australian life.
The Rose Stereograph Company Collection comprising more than 100,000 items was auctioned by Lloyds in June 2021.


This image shows the main street of Wodonga and allows us to trace its development over time.

Physical description

A large photo printed on canvas. It shows High Street Wodonga in the late 1950s, looking southwards towards the water tower.