Historical information

This notebook contains cuttings from the Warrnambool Standard pasted over handwriting which appears to be orders for a business. The cuttings concern the activities of the Warrnambool Rifle Club from 1924 to 1926. Rifle shooting in Warrnambool dates from 1860 when it was part of the activities of the Volunteer Rifle Corps and other later local militia groups. As a separate organization the Warrnambool Rifle Club, still operating today, dates from 1886 with the North Warrnambool Rifle Club founded in 1928.


This notebook is of minor interest as it contains a summary of the Warrnambool Rifle Club activities in the 1920s and is useful for research

Physical description

This is a note book of 100 pages with a hard board cover, red binding over staples and black printing on the front cover. The pages contain handwritten entries of items to be ordered for a business. Newspaper cuttings have been pasted over the original writing. Some cuttings are loose. The book is stained and torn at the edges.