Historical information

The three envelopes of photographic cards have twelve various photographs of Melbourne, Frankston and Ballarat. Two sets are published by The Rose Stereograph Company in Armadale Victoria. Each card has a description of the photograph and where it is located.

Physical description

Three envelopes of 12 small beautiful sepia and black and white photograph snapshots of Melbourne, Frankston and Ballarat in Victoria. c1930 - 1940. The Melbourne packet is a grey paper envelope with Twelve Beautiful Snapshots of Melbourne in Sepia Photogravure One Shilling printed on the front. The two other beige envelopes have Beauty Spots in Australia 12 Real Photographs for your Snapshot Album Price 1/6 Priced in Australia by the Rose Stereograph Company Printers & Photographic Publishers Armadale Victoria. This is surrounded by an ornate border with Ballarat at the bottom and Frankston on the other.