Historical information

Peterborough Tennis Club were a very active group, over the years. This tournament ran from 1979 to 1993 and records the names of local people and visitors who won. 1979 Don Bradshaw Joy McNab 1980 Richard Cumming Julie Gladstone 1981 Richard Cumming Tiffany McNab 1983 Greg Lawes Sue Exell 1982 Michael Moore P Hindhaugh, 1984 David Spittle Deborah Smith 1985 Richard Cumming Michelle Maschio 1986 Phillip grey Jill Gretton- Watson 1987 Don Bradshaw Jill Gretton- Watson 1988 Richard Cumming Pru Gray 1989 Michael Moore junior Mandy Yencken 1990 Phillip Gray Jill Gretton- Watson 1991 Paul Bayne Deborah Smith 1992 Don Bradshaw Jill Gretton- Watson 1993 Brett Salajan Sue Coldham 1994 Brett Salajan Jill Gretton-Watson


Significant because it was a popular event on the Labour Day weekend and records names of local people and visitors who were winners.

Physical description

Silver cup with 2 handles and a lid atop a plastic plinth

Inscriptions & markings

Engraved with the name of the competition and the names of the winners