Historical information

This religious almanac with biblical imagery listed the Churches of Christ in Australasia and scripture readings for a calendar year of 1892. The almanac was produced and updated annually to reflect current information.

The Churches of Christ in Australia is a Reformed Restorationist denomination. Congregations in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales were established by individuals who travelled to these colonies to pursue employment opportunities, elsewhere in Australia Churches of Christ congregations were established as missionary initiatives. Churches of Christ in Victoria began with the arrival of the Ingram and Picton families from England who established regular meetings in Prahran and officially constituted a congregation in 1855.

In Warrnambool plans were drawn up in 1883 for the erection of a Church of Christ at 12 Spence Street. The church was opened in 1885 with visiting pastors until a resident minister, A. J. Fisher, was appointed in 1915. This church was closed early in the 21st century when a new church, Gateway Church of Christ, was opened in Ragland Parade in Warrnambool.


A rare survival of social and spiritual ephemera related to the Christian worship throughout Australia during the late nineteenth century.

Physical description

Portrait of a religious female figure wearing a simple dress with a crucifix around her neck. On the rear of the frame is an 1892 Australasian Church of Christ Almanac for suggested scripture readings. One of a pair.