Historical information

Electroplated silver spoons were commonly used in the late 1800s to early 1900. These spoons were owned by Mrs Alice Dinsmore, grandmother of Mrs. Jean Raper of Wodonga. Spoon 1 (at the top of the image) bears the hallmark of George Waterhouse & Co of Sheffield, England. II is labelled EPNS which stands for Electroplated nickel silver. Spoon 2 bears the makers mark WM & S, the mark of William Mammatt & Sons of Sheffield which operated under that name from 1886 until 1906. In 1901 Maxfield & Sons and the associated businesses of J.& J. Maxfield and W. Mammatt & Sons were converted into a single liability company under the style of J. & J. Maxfield Ltd and in 1908 was reformed as Maxfield & Sons (Silversmiths) Ltd


This item is from the Raper Collection donated to the Wodonga Historical Society by Mrs. Jean Raper.

Physical description

2 silver plate jam spoons. The spoons are both electroplated and have clearly discernible hallmarks imprinted on them.

Inscriptions & markings

On spoon 1: W & Co EP in separate shields. On spoon 2: "WM & S