Historical information

St John's Church of England first Church was built by the parish of Bentleigh in 1873. The present site, on the south- east corner of Centre and Tucker Roads, was donated by parishioner named John, in whose honour the new church was named St John’s. Erection of a modest brick and bluestone building began in October 1872, and the first service was held on Sunday, 11 May 1873.

In the August 1961 a foundation stone was laid to begin the building of the new Church to meet the demands of the present congregation. It was designed by Gawler, Churcher & Boardman (David Gawler) and the builder was Colin D Mason.


St John's Church of England Bentleigh was erected in 1873 and was integral to the spiritual well being and social life of the early settlers.

Physical description

Booklet describing the new church and the history of St John's Church of England, Centre Road, East Benteligh, with photos