Historical information

This collection of commemorative items represent 3 sporting and social organisations in Wodonga, Victoria and Albury, NSW. These clubs play an important sporting and social role within these communities.The Wodonga Bowling Club was formally constituted on 9 September 1925. Percy Lingford was elected as President and Edward William Owens was elected Secretary. The Associate (Ladies) Branch of the club was constituted on 22 August with Doll Connell elected as president and May Hicks elected as secretary.
The Albury Golf Club was initially formed in 1899 with President Mr. G.A. Thompson and Mr, James Stephen as Honorary Secretary. It was purchased by the Albury Commercial Club in 2004.


These items have local significance as they are representative of clubs which have played an important social and sporting role in the local community.

Physical description

A collection of silver napkin holders and silver and gold spoons featuring insignia from Wodonga Bowling Club, Wodonga Ladies Bowling Club and Albury Golf Club. The insignia are made from enamelled plate ware.

Inscriptions & markings

Wodonga Ladies Bowling Club
Wodonga Bowling Club
Albury Golf Club