Historical information

St. David's Presbyterian Church Parkdale was constructed as an all-purpose hall on three blocks of land at the corner of Evan and McSwain Streets, Parkdale that had been purchased by the Home Mission Department. The hall was opened and dedicated by Rev. Paul Baker on February 11th 1962. The church was named the North Mordialloc Presbyterian Church at this time. The hall was extended in 1966, and in 1973 the church was re-named St. David's Parkdale. In 1977 St. David's became part of the Mordialloc-Parkdale Uniting Church Parish which comprised the former Mordialloc and Parkdale Methodist churches and St. David's Parkdale Presbyterian Church. The last service was held on 6th November 2011, and funds raised from the sale of the buildings were used to renovate the Parkdale Uniting Church. The Parkdale Uniting Church was subsequently re-named St. David's Parkdale Uniting Church in order to bring together the heritage of both the St. David's and the Parkdale congregations.

Physical description

B & W gloss photograph of the exterior of St. David's Uniting (formerly Presbyterian) Church Parkdale