Historical information

The Methodist Girls' Comradeship was formed in 1918 with the first Branch being in Bondi, NSW. There were three sections: Junior Rays, 8 - 11 years; Senior Rays, 11 - 15 years and Comrades, 15 years and over. The aims of the MGC was to "challenge young people with the saving power of Jesus Christ and provide avenues of christian service" and "to provide for the spiritual, social, physical and educational welfare of the members".

The MGC's motto was "The Utmost for the Highest".

Physical description

Six cream coloured charters with blue and gold print and handwritten information. E3094.19.1 Fawkner No 337; E3094.19.2 Snow Myrtle No 369; E3094.19.3 Traveller's Joy No 292; E3094.19.4 Box Hill No 391; E3094.19.5 Ivy Leaf No 396 and E3094.19.6 West Newport No 325.

Inscriptions & markings

E3094.19.1 "Fawkner No. 337 Red Tulip 3-5-61 Barbara Brown State Chief Ray Dorothy Waod John W Goodluck" "E3094.19.2 ""SNOW MYRTLE" BRANCH NO 369 12th march 63 S.P.Arhur S.C.R. Margaret Nevitt John W Goodluck" E3094.19.3 "Traveller's Joy Branch No 292 6th May 58 J Green" E3094.19.4 "Box Hill no.391 "Sunflower" 26th March 65 Norma E Pearce STATE CHIEF RAY Beverley J. Lowe" E3094.19.5 "Ivy Leaf Branch No. 396 26-4-65 Beverley J. Lowe Bruce Rollins" E3094.19.6 "Chrysantemum Rays' Branch Wes Newport No.325 24-5-60 Barbara Brown State Chief Ray Dorothy Wood Graeme W Speedy"