Historical information

The 3 items in this display - bell, crystal vase and cake server- were presented to the Wodonga Auxiliary of the Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind (RVIB) marking 50, 60 and 70 years of service respectively. This auxiliary was formed in March 1932 with K.D. Watson as the Inaugural President. Its purpose was to raise funds to assist blind and visually impaired people across the state of Victoria. The volunteers over 70 years spent countless hours door knocking in the annual fundraiser, and selling raffle tickets at street stalls. As the City of Wodonga expanded the areas to be door-knocked increased, creating a challenge for the mainly elderly members of the Auxiliary. Eventually it closed down in 2002 when the RVIB amalgamated with Vision Australia. The longest serving member of the Auxiliary was Mrs. Jean Burbidge.


These items have local and state significance as they represent the work carried out by a local group of volunteers to support an important state wide institution.

Physical description

3 awards received by the RVIB Wodonga Auxiliary for recognition of their service. They include a crystal vase, a gold bell and a silver cake server. 18/10 is stamped on the reverse of the cake slicer. This relates to the percentage of chrome and nickel within the steel.

Inscriptions & markings

On the bell: 'Presented to Wodonga R.V.I.B. Auxiliary 50th Anniversary"
Around the middle of the vase: 'Presented to RVIB Wodonga Auxiliary 60th Anniversary, 1992"
On the cake server: "Presented to RVIB Wodonga Auxiliary for 70 years service March 1932 to March 2002"
On back of cake server:" 18/10 and initials FK inside 2 circles.