Historical information

In 1893, a group of Orbost farmers formed together to initiate the Orbost Butter Factory. The first factory was built in Lochiel Street and was a wooden building. In 1916, a new building was constructed on Forest Road. This was a more substantial brick building which had its own power source. Electric power, mainly for lighting was supplied to the developing township of Orbost by the Butter Factory. This docket is an invoice for the supply of power to the household or business of C. Tomlinson in 1952. The Butter Factory power was the only power to Orbost prior to the 1962 when S E C power came to Orbost.


An invoice from a major business in Orbost which supplied power to the town for the first 50 years of the 20th Century.

Physical description

A laminated copy of an invoice from Orbost Butter & Produce Co Ltd. Black print on white paper.

Inscriptions & markings

Telephone 88 if supply defective
Orbost Butter & Produce Co Ltd
To Mrs C Tomlinson, 2 May 1952.
Power 5/3
Meter rent 1/-
Account rendered 6/13/3