Historical information

This apron was made in 1915 by Irene Broughton, nee Long. She was born in Warrnambool in 1894 and married Arthur Broughton in 1913. She re married in 1924 Reuben Donnithorne and he died in 1931. Irene died in 1982 and is buried in the Warrnambool cemetery. The apron was left to Irene's niece, Helen Thomson who had the apron framed to preserve it. The apron would not have been in everyday use but a special garment worn when entertaining visitors for afternoon tea.


This apron is a fine example of a home made house hold article from the early 20th century. The maker was born in Warrnambool.

Physical description

The apron is made of fine black cotton and edged with a broad lace flounce featuring a flower pattern. It is decorated with two sprays of delicately hand-painted motifs featuring Australian native flowers. The apron is in a wooden frame with a silver metal edging with scrolls on the front edge. The glass is clear and the mount is buff coloured card.