Historical information

Springmount Pottery is located in Creswick, Victoria, and produces and sells works designed by its owner, Tina Banitska, who also owns the Convent Gallery in Daylesford. Banitska came to Australia with her family from Greece in 1956. She trained at RMIT and Franklin State College, before taking over Doug Alexander's Springmount Pottery when he moved to Tharwa in 1976. Retaining the pottery name, she developed it as a workshop, employing throwers and decorators to make works to her design, and initially selling these through the Springmount Pottery Gallery on Main Street, Ballarat. The pottery now operates with its own gallery onsite. Banitska's initial interest in ash glazes is continued in the Pottery's ashware line and there has also been a wide range of other Springmount designs. Works are signed with a painted 'Springmount' often split over two lines.

Physical description

A hand thrown, glazed and decorated plate with attached bowl for dip.