Historical information

This is a birthday card sent to Frederick King in 1910 on the occasion of his birthday. The greetings have been sent by the Warrnambool Congregational Church and Sunday School and the card includes the names of the church Pastor, and the children's church roll superintendent A Congregational Church was opened in Warrnambool at the corner of Liebig and Lava Streets in 1864. In 1940 a new church was built at the corner of Lava and Henna Streets and when the Congregational Church joined with the Methodist Church the building in Lava Street was sold to the Salvation Army in 1979. No information has been found on Frederick King.


This card is of historic interest, showing the custom early in the 20th century of church Sunday Schools sending birthday greetings to its attendees.

Physical description

This is a sheet of cream-coloured paper showing a blue-toned photograph, a coloured sketch of two birds and a spray of flowers, printing and handwriting