Historical information

The collection of thirteen model horse drawn vehicles were carefully handmade by Mr Chas W Davis 1925 - 2002. He was a talented artist and saw doctor. This model of a horse drawn Dairy Cart replicates the vehicle that enjoyed respect from the public during the 1880 and early 1900's.

Physical description

A model of a horse drawn black open Davis Dairy Buggy or Cart which is a lightweight two wheeled one passenger open horse drawn carriage where the driver sits behind. It has two large gold painted spoked wheels with black rims and mudguards, blue painted seating and gold painted armrests, two gold coach lamps and gold patterned footrest in front of the driver. At the rear are three silver milk cans with two taps to dispense the milk. There are two long brown wooden shafts on each side to surround the horse. It has a model of a brown coloured horse with a black tail and mane, which has the necessary horse tack for carriage use to help the driver communicate with the horse. These carrier carts or vans were two wheeled medium weight Commercial Vehicles.

Inscriptions & markings

DAVIS DAIRY painted in white lettering on each side of the cart.