Historical information

These 2 photos are of Orbost men who were part of the 13th Light Horse volunteer regiment. This military training activity continued on after W W I. These photos were taken at the training camp at Seymour, Victoria. The Orbost troop would journey to other areas for training, sometimes to Bombala, and also practice on the Orbost Rifle Range. Although not identified in these photos, George William Wraight was a leader of the Light Horse Troop in Orbost and it is his daughter Dorothy Hepburn who has donated these photos. George W Wraight was the railway-station master at Orbost from 1935. The Troop often met at the Wraight house in Tarra Street, Orbost for training. George had been in W W I in the Middle East with the Light Horse. While at the railway station at Orbost, George had an accident and suffered 2 broken legs which meant that he could no longer work there. During W W II, he worked as a recruiting officer at Sale and Warrnambool. The Troop was disbanded in the c. late 1930s.


Shows evidence of military training activities, Orbost district

Physical description

Two sepia photographs onto grey card. Both photos show a line-up of 20 soldiers standing at attention. Size is H-22cm W-34cm

Inscriptions & markings

In Line Picket 2 Troop C Squad 13 LH - written on to both photos