Historical information

Uniforms for the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games were designed by Wendy Powitt in conjunction with the AWC. Doug Pleasance, donor of these items, worked for the AWC and closely with Wendy Powitt, obtaining these uniform examples.
About the Olympic Uniforms Doug wrote-

1. The Official Uniform which was used for travel and all official functions. This included: a tailored blazer and trouser/skirt (all water repellent) by Fletcher Jones, pure wool olive-green faille fabric by Foster Valley, cotton PE formal shirt by Pelaco, pure wool knitwear by Spangaro, printed wool tie by T D Noone, wool nylon socks by Holeproof and footwear by Hush Puppy.

2. Opening Ceremony Uniform a lightweight wool fabric printed with floral designs that had been inspired by the work of Australian artist Margaret Preston. This included: Lightweight W/PE shorts by Fletcher Jones in Foster Valley Fabric, socks by Holeproof and footwear by Hush Puppy.

3. Village Clothing was designed to be highly visible garments to make it easy to spot the Aussie and helped to contribute to good team spirit. This included: A pure wool shirt featuring blocks of contrasting colours, and a newly developed stretch 50:50 wool/cotton fabric by Bradmill was made into shorts and jeans by Fletcher Jones.

Physical description

Men's tan coloured shoes with appliqued leather design attached to the laces creating a wave-like point on the sides of the shoes.