Historical information

This artefact originates from a petroleum company which operated in Victoria from 1933 until 1945. The Alba Petroleum Company of Australia Pty. Ltd. was established by P. J. Adams and A.G. Wales. They had distribution facilities in the industrial estate of Newport in Victoria and also marketed to South Australia and Tasmania. Their advertising during World War 11 emphasised the need to keep petrol profits in Australia. They claimed to have the largest independent bulk storage unit in Australia. They pioneered the use of tar alcohol which was blended with "standard motor spirit to produce a super fuel. They were marketers of ALBA Super, the Aviation Quality Spirit containing Australian produced alcohol, ALBA motor spirit, ALBA power kerosene and ALBALITE lighting kerosene.
In 1945 after the war ended, ALBA was incorporated with the Australian Motorists Petrol Company, which in turn, became AMPOL Petroleum Ltd in 1949.


This artefact is representative of an Australian innovative company and a product which was widely used on a local, state and national level for industrial and domestic applications.

Physical description

A cylindrical steel/metal can for petrol storage and transfer. It has the brand name of the company ALBA embossed into the lid.

Inscriptions & markings

On lid: " ALBA"