Historical information

The Jarrahmond State School No. 2745 near Orbost was one of the earliest in this district. It opened in 1886 at the same time as Orbost and shared a teacher (Campbell McKay who was shortly afterwards replaced by John Rowe who stayed in this position until 1908). The building was financed and built by local farmers on the Stapley property. After a large and damaging flood in the nearby Snowy River in 1893 , the building was shifted to a new location. In 1926, a new building was constructed by the Vic Ed Dept. where it remained until the school was closed in 1948 and children from the Jarrahmond area were then bused to Orbost.


Historical significance as one of the earliest photos of Jarrahmond School students.

Physical description

A b/w photo of a group of children and one adult in front of a tree. Children in the front are sitting on the ground, others are standing behind. Photo is mounted onto brown cardboard.

Inscriptions & markings

On back of photo: Jarrahmond School c.1914. Sally Cole, Angus Cole.