Historical information

This item is from a collection donated by descendants of John Francis Turner of Wodonga.

It is one of many souvenirs produced to represent landmarks in the Albury-Wodonga district.
The first punt across the Murray River at Albury was established by Robert Brown in 1843. In 1861 the first Union Bridge was built. It was demolished to make way for the second Union Bridge which opened in 1898. This second bridge closed and was eventually demolished after the third and existing bridge was opened in 1961.

Hancock and Sons, Stoke on Trent - Sampson Hancock, a prominent Wesleyan Methodist, started potting in 1857. In 1891 he established the business of Sampson Hancock & Sons. Sampson died in 1900 and the business was continued by his three sons - Jabez, Harry and Arthur. In 1935 the business was in financial difficulty and was made bankrupt. It was restarted as S Hancock & Sons (Potters) Ltd. and moved to the Gordon Works, Hanley - which was renamed the Corona Works. The restarted company was not a success and it finally closed in 1937, having been put into receivership on 23rd March. This information helps to establish provenance of this plate.


This item comes from a collection used by a prominent citizen of Wodonga. It is representative of a items produced to represent historic landmarks or features of the district.

Physical description

Fine China round plate with gilt edge and image of the Union Bridge, Albury

Inscriptions & markings