Historical information

This item is from a collection donated by descendants of John Francis Turner of Wodonga
It is one of many souvenirs produced to represent landmarks in the Albury-Wodonga district.

The Albury and District War Memorial was opened on Anzac Day 1925 by General Paine. Designed by the Architect Louis Harrison, the site was chosen by the town planner Charles Reade. The monument is a white ferro concrete tower, in the form of a tapered lighthouse painted stark white and surmounted by a 'torch of liberty'. This torch is 1.8 meters high and faced with 40 panes of prismatic glass. During the day sunlight plays through this glazing giving the torch the illusion it is lit.


This item comes from a collection used by a prominent citizen of Wodonga. It is representative of a items produced to represent historic landmarks or features of the district.

Physical description

A small butter bone china butter dish with scalloped edge with gilt edge trim.It features a black and white image of the War' Memorial in Albury.

Inscriptions & markings