Historical information

This small hand-held tool was used in the maize industry in Murrungowar (Orbost District) during 1900-1960s. Prior to machine harvesting coming about in the 1960s, each cob of maize had to picked by hand using this tool. Maize growing was a huge industry in the Orbost district and the job of picking the maize involved hand labour by many employees. This small hand-tool would have been common, but is now rare. This particular tool was owned and used by Nelson Northrope (Orbost) in the early 20th Century and used at Murrungowar by Frances Eilman (nee Somerville).


A highly significant small hand tool associated with the maize industry. This item is rare.

Physical description

A small hand-held metal and leather tool. A metal 'knife' has a curved shape and is attached to 2 leather straps which are connected by a small buckle.