Historical information

The collection of thirteen model horse drawn vehicles were carefully handmade by Mr Chas W Davis 1925 - 2002. He was a talented artist and saw doctor. This model of a horse drawn Canestoga Wagon replicates the vehicle that enjoyed respect from the public during the 1880's.

Physical description

A model of a long covered Conestoga Wagon with two horses, brown and tan. The cream fabric covers curved shaped metal bands and is laced with string around the base to attach it to the wagon.It has a green base, green wooden seat and footrest. There are two wooden barrels attached by wire on one side and the other side has a luggage box. It has two small gold painted spoked wheels with painted black tyres at the front and two larger ones at the back. The forerunner of the Conestoga Wagon had its origin in Europe as a mobile home for shepherds and nomads in the early 1800's. The east coast of America became home to people from all over Western Europe so the old wagon designs were carried to the New World. The wagons were named after a river in Lancaster County Pennsylvania where the Stutz family built them for the western treks of history. Fondly known as the 'Prairie Schooner', the cost in 1840 was $48.00, unpainted spare wheels $8.00, Lawson axles $12.00. They came in 12 and 14 feet beds.