Historical information

The bookplate/premium plate identifies this book as being from the Young Men's General Debating Society South Street Ballarat 1897. This society was formed six years earlier and evolved into The Grand National Eisteddfod of Australasia or the Royal South Street Society in 1962.


This book of sermons was written by Ballarat personality the Rev William Henderson who was responsible for the building of Ballarat's St Andrew's Kirk and the establishment of Ballarat College. It is one of many books of sermons published by Henderson and is the most significant of those productions, most of which are booklets. The bookplate identifies this book as belonging to one of Australia's oldest and most prestigious Eisteddfods The Royal South Street Competitions founded in 1891, the best known feature of which is the Sun Aria operatic competition. The book itself is a totally local product printed, published and bound in Ballarat in 1882, the publisher & binder being McHutchison & Campbell of Lydiard St, Ballarat.