Historical information

This set of 16 photos of the Christmas Children’s Party were taken in the and the grounds of Fortuna, Army Survey Regiment in 1992. The Christmas party was an annual event enjoyed by the soldiers’ families, featuring amusements such as the ‘pig train’ and pony rides, a historic fire engine provided by the Golden Square Fire Brigade with Santa on board and refreshments such as cordial, lollies, ice creams and fairy floss. Single members readily volunteered to assist in the running of the party. An occasional highlight was displays of military hardware such as tanks and APC from the Puckapunyal’s Armoured Centre. Catering staff/contractors taking a break outside the kitchen are also featured in this collection. The Army Survey Regiment Wives Club was instrumental in establishing the Tennis Hut, featuring in photos .1P to .5P. The Wives Club initiated many social events. Examples of activities initiated by the club and their importance to the social fabric of the unit are described in more detail on page 151 of Valerie Lovejoy’s book 'Mapmakers of Fortuna – A history of the Army Survey Regiment’ ISBN: 0-646-42120-4.

Physical description

This set of 16 photos were taken in the grounds and kitchen area of Fortuna, Army Survey Regiment, Bendigo, at Christmas time in 1992.
The photographs are on 35mm negative film and were scanned at 96 dpi. They are part of the Army Survey Regiment’s Collection.
.1) - Photo, black & white, 1992, unidentified civilians and person.
.2) - Photo, black & white, 1992, SGT Brian Fauth, SPR Carmel (Butler) Fauth and their child.
.3) - Photo, black & white, 1992, L to R: SPR Joyce Gray, unidentified, SPR Andrew Arman.
.4) to .5) - Photo, black & white, 1992, unidentified.
.6) - Photo, black & white, 1992, Craig Kellett.
.7) - Photo, black & white, 1992, L to R: Cam Bramich, unidentified (x2).
.8) to.10) - Photo, black & white, 1992, unidentified.
.11) to .15) - Photo, black & white, 1992, unidentified catering staff and contractors.
.16) - Photo, black & white, 1992, Children’s rides on parade ground.

Inscriptions & markings

No personnel are identified.