Historical information

Shows two men measuring around the base of a Cumberland Valley giant tree.


An early black and white photograph of a Cumberland Valley giant tree. This photograph was taken by Nicholas John Caire between 1878 and 1904.
Nicholas John Caire was born in 1837 in Guernsey. He arrived in Adelaide about 1860 along with his parents who encouraged his early interest in photography. He opened a studio in Adelaide in 1867 after traveling extensively throughout the Gippsland taking photographs. After marrying in 1870 he moved to Talbot in Victoria until 1876 when he opened a studio in the Royal Arcade in Melbourne. After 1885 Nicholas John Caire gave up his city work and made his home in South Yarra and devoted the rest of his life to outdoor photography, specializing in the bush, the gullies, and the mountains of south-eastern Victoria.