Historical information

1. Home made Print of ANZUK Force (Aust, NZ, UK), which was unit based in Singapore in early 1970's.
2. Identification sign roughed up to identify Padre's tent as part of the ANZUK Unit.

Physical description

1. Printed paper, red background, white edge, picture of orange and blue crown in centre and ANZUK Force written in black on white background ribbon at bottom.
2. Hand painted on metal plate, emblem of 6th Coy RAASC and in yellow writing at bottom " Padre". Small hole drilled thru at top and bottom to hang sign.

Inscriptions & markings

1. Crown in centre & "ANZUK FORCE" below.
2. Emblem of shield with wings, a halo above and "Div", "RAASC", "Tpt" below and "Padre" written at bottom.