Historical information

This book was hand made in Bendigo and presented to the Army Survey Regiment Sergeants Mess by WO2 Graham Squire (Later WO1 RSM RASvy). The book is to record events when the Sgts Mess Bell was rung, signaling that money was put over the bar for those present. Events such as promotions, departures, birthdays, birth of children and grandchildren were celebrated in this way and hence recorded in this book. The Bell itself was presented by WO1 Alex "Darby" Munro and that is the reason for the naming of the book "Darby's Clangers, Times and Chimes". the first entry in the book is 30 Nov 1978 and the last entry is 29 Nov1996 to celebrate the departure of the last serving members of the unit.

Physical description

Large handmade book with many unused pages, book is housed in a vinyl covered cardboard box.

Inscriptions & markings

Page 1 Top - " Please leave first entry space vacant for WO2 G Squire (Fishing Warden), Thank you, Max Neil WO2 for PMC" Page 1 Bottom - "The one that got away!" Last entry "Three cheers for Litho!" signed by LTCOL Duncan Burns Commanding Officer Army Survey Regiment 29 Nov 1996.