Historical information

The Wodonga Brewery was established in Hume Street (now Church Street)
Although relatively short lived the brewery had many changes of ownership.
D. Hallahan commenced brewing in 1888. On the Fri 4 Jan 1889 Wodonga and Towong Sentinel announced that the Wodonga Brewery had been taken over by D. Clark of Melbourne. By Fri 27 Sep 1889 the proprietor was advertised as W. D. Busch. However, the Wodonga Brewery was sold at auction on Busch’s behalf on 25 Jan 1890. The entire property was knocked down to Mr Louis Wenkelmann, of Jindera, for £500. The brewery was again sold to Patrick Flanagan in 1891.
In 1895 Flanagan rented the brewery to the partnership of J. R. Martin and A. Wilcox. When the partnership was dissolved in January 1896, Patrick Flanagan continued to operate the brewery.
In September 1905 the Fresh Food and Frozen Storage Company of Melbourne announced that they had secured the old Brewery Buildings in Hume Street, Wodonga to establish a cream receiving depot. In November 1922 tenders were called for the removal of the Old Brewery buildings.


This poster is of local significance as it advertises and early business in Wodonga.

Physical description

A coloured poster advertising Wodonga Brewery printed in black, red and white. It has a wood print background and has been mounted on board to protect it.

Inscriptions & markings

Around the central name: "WODONGA BREWERY/ WODONGA"
In the red section: "PALE / W.D. BUSCH/ALE"
On either side inside circle: "WDB"