Historical information

Through the address on the box, this dress has a local connection. Miss Mavis Hedrick operated a dress salon at 162 Liebig St Warrnambool in the 1940's. Her parents lived at various houses in Warrnambool, including Skene, Spence and Princess Sts. She married John William Freeman in 1942 and left Warrnambool some time after that date. From wedding reports of the day it doesn't seem that this is Miss Hedrick's wedding dress. It seems more likely that it was purchased from her frock salon in Liebig St Warrnambool.


While the owner and original wearer of this dress has eluded us, the dress has a strong link to Warrnambool through the original box with its identifying labels. The dress is very much in the style of the era of Miss Hedrick's dress shop..