Historical information

The preservation of plants and flowers for both decorative and scientific purposes dates back to ancient times. Drying and pressing flowers became a popular hobby and preservation method in Victorian England. The flower press was readily available to buy or simple and inexpensive to create.
This flower press was marketed through Henry Buck Pty. Ltd. in Melbourne, Victoria. Henry Buck migrated from England and established his store in Melbourne in 1890. The business dealt primarily in menswear, but also had other domestic lines. The business, trading as Henry Bucks, still operates in Melbourne and several other locations.


This item is representative of a popular hobby of the Victorian era.

Physical description

A flower press made from timber with metal clasps and screws. The front is decorated with a parquetry flower design. There are 2 metal strips screwed onto the timber horizontally. These are secured by wing screws which can be adjusted to hold the back and front together. They allow pressure to be adjusted depending on what item is being compressed.

Inscriptions & markings

Label on back: Left hand side around red shape with HB in the centre "THE SIGN OF/ EXCELLENCE"
On right hand side: "LONDON/ Henry Buck PTY LTD. / MELBOURNE"