Historical information

In the early 1900's, E.B. Jones developed a small glass churn for home use. Nathan Dazey purchased Jones' business and relocated it to St. Louis, Missouri as the Dazey Churn and Manufacturing Co. Dazey churns were manufactured up until 1945. Although best known for its butter churns, the company also made can openers, knife sharpeners and other kitchen products. Thes churns were widely used throughout households in rural Australia during the first half of the 20th century.


This item was typical of kitchenware used widely in the early twentieth century when households produced more basic food items.

Physical description

A round glass churn with metal lid and mechanism. The handle was turned to rotate the paddle at the base of the mechanism in the jar. The jar holds 2 quarts of milk.

Inscriptions & markings

The embossed Jar lettering is as follows: DAZEY CHURN No. 20 Patented February 12,1922 DAZEY CHURN & MFG. CO.