Historical information

Use to identify a tramway employee - Clifton Hill car house or depot. Would have allowed free travel when in uniform to and from work. Used possibly from mid 1910's when the Tramway Board was formed until it was replaced by the MMTB in 1921 or when a different identification system was implemented. Most likely made by Stokes and Sons - possible imprint covered by the leather part.


Demonstrates the method of identifying cable tram employees.

Physical description

Round pressed brass badge with the words "Gripman" pressed into the centre of the badge around the top portion of the badge, the letters "C13H. Has a nickel-plated finish with the Tramways Board logo on the lower part of the badge. On the rear of the badge, two metal lugs have been soldered onto the badge and a two-piece leather strap with a buttonhole cut into it to enable it to be worn on a uniform.
See item 7339 for a Conductor badge.