Historical information

Hair and beard clipping was frequently carried out at home prior to WW11 and often much later in rural areas. Manual hair clippers were readily available for purchase.

The Alcoso company started as steel manufacturers by Alexander Coppel in 1821. Alcoso is an acronym for Alexander Coppel Solingen. They were very successful and opened a second manufacturing facility sometime in the 1850s. They manufactured pipes, rolled steel, wire, tableware, daggers, swords, knives and razors. They started manufacturing razors in the 1850s. The company is most famous for their swords. The Coppel family that Alexander donated millions of marks to charity including building an orphanage, a school for the disadvantaged, and a recreation centre. They headed various social rights groups. They were leading citizens of Solingen. The family was Jewish and the company was Aryanized in 1936. Alexander Coppel and his family were sent to a concentration camp in 1941 along with the remaining Solingen Jews. He died there of starvation in 1942 at the age of 77.


This kind of hair clippers were a common household item in the early 20th century. They are representative of an important Jewish company prior to WW2.

Physical description

2 sets of hairclippers made from steel alloy. The arms of the clippers are hinged and can be adjusted with a wing screw. The arms are squeezed together and released. like scissors to operate,

Inscriptions & markings

On box lid: "Haarschneide-Maschine/ Hairclipper/ "Alcoso"/ Solingen / Tondeuse/ Maquina para cortar el pelo" Translation hair cutting machine