Historical information

Kerosene lamps were used as a main source of lighting throughout Australia prior to the supply of domestic electrical services. This was obviously later in many rural areas. This lamp was used in the home of Mrs. Laura Flower nee Sommer wife of Mr. Stanley Flower of Wodonga.


This lamp is representative of the lamps used throughout Australia prior to the introduction of domestic electricity supplies. It was used in the home of a Wodonga resident.

Physical description

This item has a cast iron base in a pyramidal shape with the four sides having an identical leaf and flower design. A piece of brass attaches the base to a clear glass bowl. The bowl contains a white wick. The brass wick holder has an external knob for regulating the light intensity. There is more brass between the bowl and the mantle which is made of plain glass.

Inscriptions & markings

Inside the base of the lamp: an Rd No which is unclear