Historical information

Clydeside Cellar was established by David G. Hamilton, a Scotsman who migrated to the Rutherglen district in 1861. He established a large business including a general store and vineyards. The Hamilton Clydeside brick cellars were built beginning in 1886 and completed in 1892. In August 1914, Messrs B. Seppelt and Sons Ltd. purchased Clydeside Cellars from the Mr. Hamilton’s estate. Due to changing conditions the vineyards were sold in the 1980s and all stock taken back to their property at Seppeltsfield in South Australia. From 1984 until the present the former Clydeside Cellar had several operators including Jolimont Cellars (Doug Shears), Tony Lamb and the 2 different Asian owned conglomerates operating as Rutherglen Estates. In 2018 Rutherglen Estate was purchased by De Bortoli Family Winemakers of Griffiths, NSW.


This jug is representative of an historic and Australian Winemaker located in Northeast Victoria.

Physical description

An earthenware wine jug produced the House of Seppelt Clydeside Cellar at Rutherglen, VIctoria. The jug has a tradition loop handle and cork stopper.The bottom half of the jug is a traditional beige colour with a blue section. There are images in black on both sides of the jug. Originally it would have had a wax seal over the stopper to preserve effective closure to protect the contents from any chance of seepage.

Inscriptions & markings

On front: "THE HOUSE OF SEPPELT" beneath an image of a Clydesdale drawn beer cart and driver. The image is surrounded by a representation of a horse harness containing the text "CLYDESIDE WINE CELLAR/ RUTHERGLEN"
On reverse: an image of horse-drawn beer wagons and workers in front of buildings. Across the front of the building "CLYDESIDE CELLARS RUTHERGLEN / B. SEPPELT & SONS LTD."