Historical information

Promotional catalogue of third year, University of Ballarat, Bachelor of Visual Arts (Graphic Design / Multimedia) graduating student work, 2003.

This pack consists of a plastic food tray and custom moulded lid, featuring student designed type and graphic.

Pack houses an unlabelled lime green video cassette tape and a single sided sheet listing student names and their associated time code on the video.

Students would have generated their work digitally, so the use of the VHS video tape would likely have been considered "retro".

Listed students: Brooke Jury, Kat Kandera, Luke Vanstan, Amber Smith, Bree McKenzie, Rene Furlong, Chris Stephen, Lauren Drew, Stu Shepherd, Eliza Steele, Tim Ware, Sarah Birks, Alison White, Jarrod Vanstan, Mark Bickerdike, Alison Wright, Cam Suttie, Mark Iskra

Physical description

Lime green video cassette tape, unlabelled