Historical information

Promoting the Graphic Design/Multimedia program being offered by the University of Ballarat at the Mt Helen Campus.

Promoted course as "one of the smallest and arguably the best three year programs of its kind in Australia and the South Pacific region."
The brochure lists student awards received including Platinum and Gold in the AGFA International Young Designer Contest, 1999; two meritorious awards in The Art Directors Club Student Awards, New York, USA 1999; Graphis New Talent 1999; two Gold in Souther Cross Packaging Awards, 1998.

At time of publication, the School of Arts, Visual Arts reportedly had 210 students with majors in Graphic Design/Multimedia, Ceramics/3D, Painting, Drawing, and Multidiscipline. Minors studies included Printmaking, Photography, 3D, 2D, and Graphic Communication.


Course aimed to train "independent, flexible thinkers".

The course promised to "Promote creativity, originality and imaginative thinking; Develop self-directed learners, displaying initiative in the formation of ideas and the confidence to construct personal responses; Develop appropriate conceptual, technical and professional skills; Develop the student's critical process: ability to undertake research, and to make informed decisions; Clarify thinking, concepts and understanding and deep knowledge, attitudes and skills enabling the designer to respond to community needs."

Studio and working environment described as "one open space with working facilities for approximately 75 students across 3 year levels. The area is divided up into work stations where 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students intermix, allowing a natural interaction. These workstations are configurations of six, consisting of two students from each year level. This reinforces the area's ongoing development with an open ethos and cross-level delivery and learning. This maximises the use of information in order for it to be applied throughout all levels of the learning process, whilst allowing a natural mentor arrangment to be developed for all first year students, "

"The open ethos approach also encourages students and staff to freely express their opinions in relation to design via cross-level critiques, whilst allowing for a liberal arts approach and structure to the development of the creative process."

"Emphasis is placed on experimentation, innovation, expression and the development of the individual's design philosophies, concepts and style."

Also notes the 24 hour access Macintosh laboratory, with 34 Power Macintosh computers, ratio of one for every 2.5 students. Each with a Fujitsu Dyna Magneto Optical drive for file storage and transport. Two Sharp scanners, Phaser Dye-Sublimation Extra Tabloid colour printer and Ricoh A3 colour printer. Two large format printers. Digital and video cameras. Software: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat; QuarkXpress; Macromedia Freehand; Pagemaker; Premier; Director; 3D Extreme; Sound Eidt, Shockwave, Infinite 3D and After Effects.

Approx 4.5 staff, "all of whom are practicing designers. They have a full understanding of industry requirements and trends which assists in the development of industrial contacts when specialists are required."

Prospective students interviewed in late Nov/ early Dec, face to face. Present a "comprehensive folio of work", academic records, references.

"Selection is determined by the perceived potential of the student, their motivation and reason for study within the field as well as their previous experience in the Visual Arts. Folio work should be representative of the individual's ideas and abilities. Qualities of importance are: originality, innovation, imagination, experimentation and a competent display of the basic skills associated with visual arts [evidence of drawing skills should be included]." Demonstration of GD/MM computer skills an advantage. Students also asked to bring sketch books.

Physical description

Promotional brochure for prospective students.
8pp Double fold brochure