Historical information

Victorian Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (VIOSH) Australia is the Asia-Pacific centre for teaching and research in occupational health and safety (OHS) and is known as one of Australia's leaders in the field.
VIOSH has a global reputation for its innovative approach within the field of OHS management.
VIOSH had its first intake of students in 1979. At that time the Institution was known as the Ballarat College of Advanced Education. In 1990 it became known as Ballarat University College, then in 1994 as University of Ballarat. It was 2014 that it became Federation University.
VIOSH Australia students are safety managers, senior advisors and experienced OHS professionals. They come from all over Australia and industry.
Students are taught active research and enquiry; rather than textbook learning and a one-size fits all approach. VIOSH accepts people into the Graduate Diploma of Occupational Hazard Management who have no undergraduate degree - on the basis of extensive work experience and knowledge.

When VIOSH first began in 1979, Max and Dulcie Brooke were members of Staff at Ballarat Institute of Advanced Education and became part of the initial group in presenting the course. In the early 1990s, Max became ill and Dulcie retired to care for him. Max died in 1992 and Dulcie established the Max Brooke Memorial Shield in his memory. This was presented by Dulcie to the winner of the Award at the Presentation Dinner every year from 1993 to 2010.
Students who received the Award were Christopher Lacey - 1993-94, Kim Alice Whytcross - 1994-95, Kathryn Mary Haseloff - 1995-96, Timothy Michael Crough - 1997-97, David Knowles - 1997-98, Robert Wator - 1998-99, Angy Henn - 1999-2000, Illona Brzezowski - 2000-2001, Leonie Chapman - 2001-2002, Phillip Sinel - 2002-2003, Shayne Arthur, Patrick Weston, and Robert Oliver - 2003-2004, Paul Luchini - 2004-2005, Keera Abbott - 2005-2006, Joanne Blurton - 2006-2007, Charles Halloran and Greg Lipka - 2007-2008, Jodi Goodall and Sam Pickering - 2008-2009, Brooke Langdon - 2009-2010.

Physical description

Wooden base with brass plates. Grooved sections and hanging clip on the back

Inscriptions & markings

Name of the Award on large brass plate. Small brass plate for name of student and year. 30 individual pieces.